Spectrum E has helped and supported me to keep in employment for a number of years. The advice given to me has helped me to finally fulfill my potential.”

workplace support


Spectrum E has made it possible to access courses and resources to build up my portfolio. Due to Shuchi’s encouragement and enthusiasm about whatever path you take, in my case art. She had inspired me to follow my heart and therefore l am now engaged in community art initiatives and projects.”

learning difficulty support


If it had’nt been for the support from Spectrum E, I would not have been able to be happy in my job”

autism employment support


Spectrum E has been a great service. Since I joined in 2012, due to Spectrum E’s support I have gained confidence and maintained excellent working relationships between myself and my work colleagues and as a result I definitely recommend this support as its especially relevant for those with AS.”

asperger job support


Spectrum E has been a great help for me to get and maintain a suitable job. With their support offered, I have increased my employability and confidence consequently I am now off benefits!”

employment support


Spectrum E support has been very helpful. I am grateful to Shuchi for all the help and advice.”


Shuchi was so helpful and encouraging and took the time to help me work on my cv and gain valuable experience in a work environment. I just started a full time position as a Junior Data Analyst which is a dream job for me.
Shuchi provided a niche service and really took the time to help me to work out a plan for gaining suitable employment. She understands the challenges faced for someone with Autism and helped me to build confidence in my skills so that I didn’t feel at a disadvantage when applying for work.”